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An overview of YIN Finance

What is YIN Finance

Yin Finance is a multi-strategy NFT asset management platform allowing users to subscribe to various strategies to achieve effective high-yield and capital efficiency on multiple chains and DEXs. Currently, Yin Finance is deployed on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, and Arbitrum network, and will be deployed on Solana soon.

YIN Finance is composed of four modules:

YIN - the governance token.

YANG smart vault - automatically managed by the smart contract/algorithms without human intervention.

CHI strategy - a permissionless investment strategy platform allowing strategy designers to create profitable strategies for investors to subscribe.

Grandmaster - for users to lend their under-utilized assets and for others to leverage.

What you can do with YIN Finance?

YIN is a liquidity pool created under Uniswap v3, in which users could manage their funds' liquidity through their personal NFT Smart Vaults and interact with periphery smart contracts.

Users could choose to subscribe to various CHIs that are available through their personal Smart Vaults. CHIs are individual NFTs that each systematically describe an advanced yield farming strategy. Each CHI represents different combinations of strategies. When users supply liquidity to a CHI through subscribing vaults, the CHI places this liquidity into the corresponding strategies. These strategies generate aggregate LP rewards, interest returns, trading fees, and any other gains, which are distributed into the subscribing vaults.

Competitive edgy

  • Subscribe to different CHI strategies according to your asset structure.

  • 10X leveraged liquidity management (coming soon).

  • Re-investing liquidity profits with 0 gas fee.

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