How to Mine YIN Token

1. Open, select “Ethereum” on the dashboard. Ensure that your wallet is set to the Ethereum chain and connect your wallet.

2. Find the YIN single-sided liquidity pool, click “Stake”, enter the time and amount you want to stake in the popup window, click “Approve YIN” to confirm authorization of YIN in the wallet, click “Stake” and confirm the staking in the wallet.

Note: The longer period of time you stake, the higher APR you will get. The staked YIN can only be withdrawn after the lock time is over.

3. Wait for the completion of the on-chain transaction, you can check the amount and time period of YIN you staked.

4. A new record will be generated every time you stake, but rewards can be claimed just with one click. Click “Harvest All” to receive all rewards.

5. Each deposit needs to be withdrawn separately. If you want to remove funds, click “Unstake” and confirm in the wallet after the end of the lock time.

Tips: Since the longer staking time, the greater reward, it’s better for you to make a long-term investment.

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